Chi Kung Retreat: Learn to regulate your mind, body and energy at DiverLanhoso

The Chi Kung Retreat takes place at DiverLanhoso, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of April with master Pedro Durães. Chi kung, tai chi and meditation are three of several guidelines for greater physical and emotional wholeness. A weekend to take care of mental health and psychological well-being.

Mental health is a factor to take into account, absolutely essential for dealing with emotions and for establishing quality interactions with ourselves and others.

The urgency in the search for strategies that allow the balance of mental functions has revealed, in Portugal, new arts such as Chi Kung, Tai Chi and meditation.

During the weekend, Master Pedro Durães will provide participants with mechanisms capable of reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration, blood circulation and breathing, strengthen and to correct posture and obtain more daily energy.

Entries can be made through the website

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